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WEB Development BootCamp

The hands on coding bootcamp that will transform your career


  • Remote
  • 5 Weeks full time or 10-15 weeks part time
  • While remote, Foundations is still an accelerated, challenging experience. It includes weekly challenges so it is vital you have reliable access to the internet throughout the duration and are open and willing to pair with others in your group. You can complete Foundations in 5 weeks full time (40 hours a week), 10 weeks part time or 15 weeks part time to work around your other responsibilities. The full time option allows you to be Student Loan eligible. Follow one student’s journey through the preparation module here.


  • Auckland or Wellington Campus
  • 60 - 80 hours per week
  • The nine weeks on-campus at Dev Academy is a completely immersive experience. Expect to be busy and focused. Most students commit 60 to 80 hours per week to complete their assigned work, lectures and side projects. You will be guided by instructors who are passionate about helping students master the principles of software development and you will learn by solving coding challenges in pairs, solo and in group projects. To help with the intense time commitment, we bring some healthy routines into the day like mindfulness, big lunches and a focus on physical and emotional awareness.


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    Sprint 5 Core

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